The Different Types of Fire Extinguisher Include:

Class A: SOLIDS such as paper, wood, plastic

Class B: FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS such as paraffin, petrol, oil

Class C: FLAMMABLE GASES such as propane, butane, methane

Class D: METALS such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium

Class E: Fires involving ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT

Class F: Cooking OIL & FAT

Water Fire Extinguishers:
The cheapest and most widely used fire extinguishers. Water extinguishers are used on solids such as wood, paper, fabrics and other A class fire risks. Not suitable for Class B (Liquid) fires, or where electricity is involved.

Foam Fire Extinguishers:
Spray foam extinguishers are ideal for use against class A & B fires. Highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids, forming a flame smothering seal over the surface and hence also preventing re-ignition, ideal for multi risk usage in areas such as workshops and garages.

Powder Fire Extinguishers:
Dry powder extinguishers are ideal for use against class A, B & C fires. Highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids which makes them ideal for vehicle protection. A good all-rounder makes dry powder an excellent choice for both industrial and domestic premises.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers:
Carbon Dioxide is a time proven clean agent. Very effective for fires in electrical equipment. Non conductive CO2 is particularly effective in confined areas, where there is a risk from flammable liquids, being non-toxic and leaving no residue CO2 may not harm food, fabrics, machinery or electrical equipment.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers:
Wet chemical fire extinguishers are a new innovation in the fire industry. Cooking appliances are the biggest single source of accidental fire in the workplace, with this in mind the wet chemical solution, the most effective means of extinguishing fires involving deep fat fryers (Class F). The solution cools and emulsifies when applied to burning fats and oils. This seals the surface and prevents re-ignition of the fire. Wet chemical extinguishers also have A class fire rating.

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